Last place I ever figured I'd buy a necklace...

...is at the Gap...but darn it, if this isn't the cutest little number I have seen in a while. I love the bows and tassels. It really is such a simple way to jazz up an outfit!


  1. Oh man I totally love Gap jewelry, sometimes I'll go in there specifically to look if they have any new jewels. Its always so simple and real pretty, I love this necklace!!

  2. Well, I had no idea you were a fan of Gap jewelry! It is so fabulous...wait a minute...was that bracelet you bought me for my birthday last year from the Gap. I love that!

  3. I absolutely love Gap jewelry, I always find something. The best thing is that it always goes on sale too. I don't even wear jewelry but there is something real simple about gap jewelry that always catches my eye.
    I did buy that little heart bracelet from the Gap, I think they're bracelets are my favorite :)