i'm back!

Hi everyone! I'm back from my whirlwind trip to Korea! I'm still jetlagged & picked up a cold on the plane ride home...You'd think after all my travels I'd be well prepared for all pitfalls....but I'm still shocked when I get sick each and every time I get off a plane. Oh well! I just had to write today because I just heard J. Crew showcased their new fall collection. I know, I know... it's just barely spring (more like summer in D.C....It's a whopping 80-something here!).....but still. It's quite exciting to see what's up ahead. I'm loving this particular outfit.

I see Katie has done a marvelous job of keeping us all well informed & I'm loving each and every post from the past week & a half....

I'll be sure to write more next week of what I experienced and hopefully share some of my pics too....One small note about Korea--It is truly a beautiful country...the vast mountain ranges, the emerald colored beaches, & breathtaking landscapes....Hopefully some of the photos will bring this all to life...

I'm also very excited for Katie's upcoming trip and can't wait for her & her family to have a wonderful time together!!!!

More to come....Ciao!


  1. Hooray!!! SO glad you are back Ms. M and so glad to know you had a great trip. It must have been a real whirlwind! I am so envious because I can only imagine what a gorgeous country Korea is...please please please try to post some pics. I'll definitely be posting pics of the Keys (wonderful but not Korea:)

    I noticed the news also about JCrew's Fall line. So amazing.

    Great to have you back Ms. M...so much more fun to post with you!

  2. Welcome back!! Missed you and can't wait to see photos. I would love to visit Korea, sounds beautiful!! :)