Wanted: Traveling Partner to Paris

This shirt says it all. I'm a little bummed out because I really wanted to go to Paris this summer but none of my family wants to go...Don't you hate it when you know you should be happy, but you just aren't quite there...or you're just feeling a bit too restless? I think I have nervous energy and can't possibly deal with the months I have to wait while I'm officially in line for a baby referral. Maybe I was meant to be a traveling wanderer...I'm never content with staying in place...BTW, I'm wearing my silver Eiffel Tower earrings today. At least I feel très chic !

1 comment:

  1. Oh man...don't even get me started. I really want to go to Greece in September this yeas but with ticket prices et al...I have to start saving from now. If only I was independently wealthy...then you would have your life long traveling partner :)

    I know that ansty feeling too...I already looking for tickets to go back to the Keys. Don't worry about these next few months...they will pass...they always do.

    I am so excited that you are wearing the earrings! Do you love them?! I haven't worn them yet but you have given me the courage to do so. I am kind of stuck on those little hearts for the moment. Oh and I just love this shirt!

    Glad to have you back!