Obsessed with LV

So one of the things I noticed while traveling around Seoul is that Korean girls are just as obsessed with LV purses as the Japanese girls....I think even more so! If I had to make a guess, I'd say LV sells half their merchandise to Korea alone!!! And the bag of choice (from my informal mini survey) is
the Neverfull Damier...Now, I've been wanting this bag for a good year and a half and I finally caved when I got back home! I love love love this tote. I know I've said this about my other bags and I still covet those too (I've decided each design has its own personality)...but this one is so cool because of the red lining inside...Plus, this is the first LV I've purchased in the Damier canvas. It's nice to have change, non?

This great photo is from Oh Joy! & it displays LV's current window display....They had the same window displays in Korea too...but the balloons were red. Very cute indeed...We stayed in a great resort on the Island of Jeju and they had their own LV store inside the resort. See what I mean about hard core fans?

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  1. So interesting! I have always loved the Damier canvas...I mean let's face it...I have yet to see an LV bag I haven't loved and this one is no exception. Gorgeous!!

    I saw the pic of this window display and almost fell over...I love it so much!

    Awesome post!