Cutie pie camera case

When you spend a jillion dollars on your phone, you need a way to keep it well protected. These little honey's (from Soulrun) are perfect in everyway. Waterproof on the outside...soft and safe (fleece-lined...genius!) on the inside...you will never have to worry about your precious and beloved iPhone or digital camera when it is stowed. And they are so darn good-looking too!


  1. Thanks Kate!!!!:)!!:)
    I miss you a lot, I can't believe its snowing in Rochester, no fair! I hope the weather will improve soon. I missed you yesterday at backcountry cowboy, Joe bought a couple things and i found a dress I really liked. I'm putting together a key largo package for you. We miss you!!!

  2. I miss you guys (and Key Largo) very much too!! I love these little cases. They are so adorable. And I am just imagining the possibilities of colors!

    Snow...in April. The ultimate cruelty.

  3. So not cool! At least you have all your key largo shoppings to warm you up. :)

  4. Oh my gosh...and I have to tell you Laura..if I could wear those Backcountry Cowboy shirts everyday I would! They are the best tees I have ever had and get this...the eggplant color writing that they use for their logo is a perfect match for the eggplant fleece jacket I bought from LLBean (remember...when I can to Pitt in Nov.). They look so awesome together. That and my eggplant colored Keens make my favorite outfit to wear on the weekends!