Bon Voyage, KP!

I am super duper excited that you're about to go on your Florida trip! Please say hello to my dear dear home state and have a fantastic time...We'll all miss you, of course...but I hope to hold down the fort while you're away. When do you come back? (perhaps a small private note to my yahoo acct?) .....Take very good care and best wishes to you, Laura & your mom! xoxo, kj


  1. Thank you Ms. M!! I am so sorry I didn't write yesterday. Can you believe I got a cold ... I am trying desperately to get rid of it before my trip. Thankfully I feel much better today so by trip time tomorrow, I should be in good shape.

    Anyway, I will give my best regards to your home state...I'll make sure to soak up lots of sun too.

    See you when I get back!

  2. A cold now way! Don't worry a few days sitting in that key largo sun will heal you right up!!