Tote bags - Can you have too many?

Maybe I do have around one million tote bags, but really, don't you think you need many different styles for many different occasions. I know Ms. M would agree. And how am I supposed to resist this tote from JCrew. It's just too fantastic (and at 10 bucks, well-priced) to pass up.


  1. i bought this a few weeks ago at that grand opening i went to!!! i have two of these totes now and love them..i think the shape and the softness of the cotton is quite important and these jcrew totes fit the bill!

  2. This is so good to know Ms. M!! Did you post about this because it is starting to sounds familiar and let's face it...we both have a tote obsession. So they are out of them here but I ordered one online. So excited!

  3. oh! yes... i think you did the right thing by ordering...if you like, at any time...if you see a tote they dont have at your local store i can get it here for you and just ship it to you...i bet it's still cheaper than jcrew's shipping charges. they must make a fortune on shipping alone!