Pier 1 Fun

I promise to stop talking about my recent vacation but I could not resist one more mention. So while I was away, Laura and I stopped in Pier 1 (after Laura sent out a bunch of orders for her Etsy shop Soul Run). I can't tell you the fun we had there. We both walked out with a bunch of stuff (gifts for ourselves and others) and each of us had a wish list of things we still wanted. Here are a couple of items from 'purchased' and 'to-be-purchased' list. I got an adorable fish, spoon rest for the stove and these glass bubble flower glasses are high on my list for the summer. SO cute!


  1. very cute items.. you know, i don't go in there often enough...i'm definitely putting this on my list!

  2. Neither do I...and then when I do I always wonder why I'm not there every day...such cute stuff!