This just never gets old

I know this has kind of been out there for a while...but I just love it so much...and I love Tim Gunn even more for slamming the Kardashian's and their 'style'. Their popularity leaves me speechelss and completely mystified. Thank heavens for Gunn's voice of reason.


  1. I absolutely LOVE Tim Gunn, I love him even more now! Did he talk smack about the Kardashians? That's awesome!

  2. Oh my god I just read it, he's awesome!!

  3. Is THE BEST or what! I mean I loved him anyway but this just seals it. I feel like no one wants to call them out (for whatever reason) for being trashy and tasteless. All this time I thought it was just me...clearly I am in VERY good company thinking they are positively ridiculous!

  4. Here's more from Tim (so great)...also Kim Kardashian's style;

    "I find that it's - while it may have some sexiness to it, I find it's largely vulgar. It has a cheapness and a tawdriness," Tim continued.

    and more...

    "She's pretty, but she's a poser," Tim said. "I find that when she's moving, it all goes away for me."

    Ha ha...the best!