this is me!

I can't believe what I'm seeing...un-hemmed jeans! I'd worn my jeans this way for as long as I can remember. My mom hated me with my jeans! Seriously, it drove her crazy when she saw me in my tattered jeans....and I just always thought that I was "ahead" of the trends... I don't think this really caught on..but I'd see it once in a while. I think I used to just snip/cut & wash (for the frayed look) because I just hated the whole process of taking it in to the tailor & then waiting, etc....Well, last fall I finally started taking my new jeans in to have them properly hemmed & my mom finally breathed a sigh of relief! I like the clean look too...no complaints here...but I'm thrilled to see this look and it's shot by Garance Dore!

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  1. Wow! Now this takes me back. I remember have multiple conversations with you Ms. M...back in the day about the whole frayed end jeans thing. If it makes you feel any better, back in the 90's I BOUGHT a pair of frayed-end jeans from JCrew of all places. They were like my all time faves (until they basically disintegrated and I had to give them up). I happen to love the way this looks...though I suppose I understand where your mom is coming from too. Unless I buy 'short' or 'petite' size jeans (just another reason I love Old Navy and Jcrew jeans who have these sizes) I have to get everything professionally hemmed too...and it sucks. Add at least 10 buck to the cost and the wait...oh the wait...for impatients like you and I this can be worse than the money.

    Awersome post...love the pic...and thanks for the trip down memory lane Ms. M!