Hehe...Wegmans makes news in 'The Cut'

You probably aren't going to see Wegmans in the NY Mag. blog The Cut too often but they recently did make news with one of my favorite fashiony sources. Apparently The Cut got wind (from Jezebel) of the fact that the latest edition of Cosmo with cover girl Adele was covered from the neck up...because she is full-figured. What the hell?!? Of course the overreaction machine went into high gear...and of course you know I am going to defend Wegmans which covers each and every edition of Cosmo...not because of the cover photo but because of the text on the mag which draws tons of complaints from parents. Gee, I can't imagine why...don't all parents want their 8 year olds to read 'Sh*t My Guy Says' and the '100 Best Sex Tips'? Frankly, I get sick of reading this stuff when I am standing in line, just trying to buy paper towels. I know Wegmans has been doing this for a while now, because unlike anyone at Jezebel, I've shopped there for 16 years. People (Jezebel, I'm looking at you) get your facts straight before you assume everyone is a misogynistic, anti-feminist loon. Ridiculous.

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  1. I just want to ad that I'm pretty sure it's stupid junk like this that turns people into raging conservatives.