my book package!

I got the best Amazon package last night! Aranzi Aronzo's Cute Dolls & I heart Macarons from Hisako Ogita kept me busy throughout the evening. Aranzi Aronzo is obviously Japanese and they don't disappoint in the Cuteness Dept. They have an even more fabulous website & store in Tokyo. I'm planning on tackling some cute dolls this summer and the bunny above is my first project. And of course I cannot forget my beloved macarons book! The photos are to die for....and with the new English translation I can now make my own macarons! I'm planning on conquering this super delicate baking project in the weeks to come. The U.S. publisher for this book is Chronicle Books and I am discovering something very unique about their cookbooks in general. They have the best layout in terms of how to tackle on any baking project. They beautifully illustrate all the equipment & ingredients in the beginning pages and then provide gorgeous photos of finished products! It sounds simple enough but not every cookbook is created in this fashion....I really love this simple concept of theirs. This past Sunday I baked whoopie pies for B's b-day on Monday (happy belated birthday, B!...Sorry I didn't post this Monday...I was frazzled from all the dumplings I made for his work colleagues!) and I appreciated the fact that all the instructions were easy to follow...Anyway, just an observation.... Happy Reading!


  1. Just maybe, the 2 most adorable book ever. You know they had macarons in the patiserrie in Wegmans this weekend. The were an obvious must have :)

  2. Oh god if I can't have a macaron in paris Wegmans is second best, yummy!!!