They just keep coming...

What is with the gorgeous espadrilles this season?! This is really a summer shoe that has come into its own. I have always loved them but have never been able to find that perfect pair. These (from JCrew) are pretty darn close. They remind me so much of the ones Gwenyth Paltrow wore in this fabulous look of a few years back (without all that wedge heel...which is what I want). Much as I don't like her, I have always thought she looked so amazing in this pic. and it was all about those espadrilles.


  1. so interesting that you posted about these..because i just bought a pair of espadrilles this weekend. mine are red/white wide stripes from Madewell (made in france of course!)....i love these. i am saving these for "summer" though...i'm thinking june would be a good time to start.

    i was going to take a pic of it and post it....but i'm so lame/lazy and forgot to do it...now i'll have to do it so i can show you...and they came w/ cute madewell drawstring bag. OK..will definitely take pic and post!

  2. Oh I would love to see your new espadrilles. I have actually loved them since Laura wore then at her wedding...but I have never been able to find the perfect pair...and suddenly they are everywhere. They are so summer though...June will be perfect!