Oh...just shut up already.

Yesterday, I had an interesting encounter with someone (who shall be nameless ;) Now I will say at the outset that this person intimidates me a little ... and that is saying a lot because I am NOT easily intimidated. I don't know what it is about her... I think she throws me off because she is just kind of ... weird. She also happens to be very smart and talented and she has a wonderful heart...but all that said, she's a strange one. No one who knows her knows quite how to deal with her. Case in point, she has a name that can actually be pronounced a couple of different ways but if you happen to say it the 'wrong' way... she WILL stare you down.

Anyway, so yesterday I ran into her and she happened to like the dress I was wearing. She asked me about it and I told her it was from the Gap a few years ago but I liked the dress so much, I got a couple of them. She proceeded to tell me how her clothes were all pretty old at this point and part of the reason for that is that she hates shopping. OK, fine...I know not everyone loves it as much as me, or Ms. M or Laura or lots of my other friends. And to be honest, sometimes I don't really like it myself. But it was the way she said it. In her words (and you really had to hear her condescending tone) she said, "I'm just not one of those people that likes to go shopping...you know, the 'let's go shopping'!!! type". First of all, I am tired of shopping being an activity associated only with bubble-heads and girls on 'The Hills' . This is an entire billion dollar industry built on and being run by very intelligent accomplished women. And those very same women understand that style is a form of art. People who don't like shopping at all, are in my opinion, totally lazy. Because, like it or not, how you present yourself to the world matters, and to do it properly, you have to get out there and see what's available....try new things...take an interest.

So if you don't like shopping...I mean really don't like it...well that's ok. Like I said, not everyone does. But if you are going to put down people who do...first, know what you are talking about and stop generalizing, and second, know that I am on to you. I know you are intimidated by the prospect because you don't know what you are doing when you get out there...and you are too lame to even try.


  1. Now this is fascinating! I won't say anything too harsh, since you say she does have a "wonderful heart"...but I will say that I can completely see why you would think she's weird.

    first off, i cannot cannot stand those names that can be pronounced several ways...i'm speaking about "sara"....I like the name "sara" just fine..but I cannot stand it when they're called sahhra (like sari, i guess if we're trying to get the right pronunciation...I think you get what I mean)...and who is this person to look at you the wrong way if you should say it "incorrectly"...it's only incorrect to HER! everyone else in the world says it "sara".

    OK, second point...the whole looking down on someone because they like to shop... now that's just plain stupid! i say, they're just jealous (that's my classic defense!) and they're (just as you said) intimidated by the fact that you know what you're talking about and they don't.

    these sort of folks just fascinate me too... i guess i'm really talking about weird folks in general. what is it about them? There's a major nutjob here to and I just scratch my head sometimes....but that's another story!

    keep these stories coming because they're just like road kill---fascinating!

    lastly, i cannot believe you'd be intimidated by this person (or any person to be truthful!). i bet you're a million times more competent than she is (looks, smarts, fashion, etc.... you get my point here too!)

    how's that for a response???!! :)

  2. Well that was a completely awesome response...and probably we are best friends! And many thanks for all the kind words.

    I am so glad you know where I am coming from here. The name thing just totally annoys me. (Just as an aside, I have another, new friend with the same name and when I asked her how she liked it pronounced she adorably said, "However it comes out of your mouth is just fine!"...but then again, she is normal)

    I agree with you totally that this person is just perplexed about the whole shopping clothes situation. I mean clearly she is trying to make some effort because I see her regularly and there is an attempt to look decent (it's not like she is coming in, in her pajamas) but that whole attitude that she is just intelligent, or politically aware or environmentally conscious to engage is something so mindless as shopping...well it's just so boring.

    And if it makes you feel any better...after than encounter I really am not intimidated by her much anymore :)

  3. well, good (on the fact that you're not intimidated!)...at least something positive came out of that encounter!

    i find people who don't take somewhat good care of their appearance to be slackers. serioulsy, how hard is it to look decent? i know "decent" can be a relative term in this case but i still think everyone should care about wanting to look good--to themselves & to others.

    i'm telling you, this is one subject we'll be talking about in our 70s....

  4. last point: everyone owes it to themselves to have fun with clothes. how dull is life if shopping for clothing is just utilitarian...just something you do because you can't go walking around naked???!!! life would be no fun at all...and we need all the excitement we can find in order to make it through the day. just my opinion.

  5. YES!! I mean what is with people who can't see the pleasure and fun in clothing and shopping. We all have to dress...why not have a good time with it. And I so agree...not making any effort is the ultimate in laziness. I don't care what shape, age blah blah blah a person is...most of my favorite fashionistas are not perfect ... and that is what makes them amazing.

    And no...something about that encounter really took the luster off this person. I think I finally saw through the exterior :)

  6. i'm SO glad you've seen the real _____ (whoever this nameless person is!) hee.hee.