I left my heart...(and Happy Friday!)

I was out with a friend yesterday evening, who had just returned from a trip to Southern California...L.A. to be exact...and I have to admit, it got me kind of nostalgic for the Golden State. Years ago, I spent a few months there (anyone remember that?) and I really did kind of fall in love with it. California has that beautiful, almost Mediterranean-like climate, fabulous topography, and beaches...lots and lots of beaches. Even though I cannot see myself living there permanently (just too far from everyone I love on the east coast)...there are days, like today, when I look back on the time I spent there and feel pretty darn lucky to have had the chance :)

Hope you all enjoy your Friday and upcoming weekend...and I hope you are loving wherever you are at this very moment.

(Dazzling photo by UrbanPinkPhotography)


  1. loving the hearts & palm trees.... and of course i remember when you went out to LA!

    i love the west coast too..they do have fabulous weather...almost too perfect.

    i'm thinking of going to SF or Seattle at some point in the summer...SF is where I'd love to live if I went out west...but like you, I can't imagine being far from the East coast either....

  2. The hearts are for you Ms. M!

    You know, I found that the west coast was everything they said it would be. Laid-back, with picture perfect weather and beautiful people. When I was there I felt very east coast. When I was working at the B&N in Manhattan Beach, customers would ALWAYS say to me, "you're from the east, aren't you?" I always wondered what gave me away...come to think of it, I think I answered my own question. I did ask one colleague who pegged me for an east-coaster pretty quickly...he told me it was because of all the black I wore. Oh sterotypes...why are you always so true?

  3. yeah, i'm sure i'd get this same problem if i should ever live out there....way too much black

  4. Never too much black Ms. M...never :)