movies, mutts and mom!

I love a relaxing weekend but I love one that is action packed as well...and this weekend is decidedly action packed! I'll be volunteering at the 360/365 Film Festival (which I've mentioned a few times) for a big chunk of the weekend. I think it will be great fun 'cause I'm working with some pretty awesome folks (Go Adriane!) But the real reason I am super excited is that I will finally see I am Love. Oh my gosh, I can't wait! Full review on Monday (and I'm on a hunt for that poster Ms. M!) I also just saw this awesome story about a 'parade' of dachshunds, that is going to take place tomorrow morning in downtown Rochester. This might be a major cute overload!

Of course, and most importantly, Sunday is Mother's Day. I've posted another photo from the never ending supply of cool pics of my mom. What can I say? She's the best. She does everything for me and I have no idea where I'd be without her. And even though my mom is not super into this special day...I'm saying it anyway...Happy Mother's Day Mom! You are the greatest!

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  1. Love this pic of your mom...super dress! i can see where you get your great taste from!

    OK....hot dogs wrapped in...hot dogs!!! oh! love this photo! take some great pics for me!

    and of course..how could i forget you're seeing this movie! i even thought of you this morning while i was getting ready!!! i'm definitely living through you..please let me know all the details...Yay!