The cardigan - LCM

Second only to shoes, the largest number of any one item that I have in my closet are cardigans. I love them. They are so useful and stylish and because you really do need all shapes and colors for every season, well, they can easily multiply. And yet, I never feel like I have enough. Ever since I began my stint in libraries, I feel as though the number I own has easily doubled. It's not hard to understand why. Ever been in a library (public, private or otherwise)? They are cold...always cold. Partly because, as they say, if you are comfortable, the materials probably aren't. Well, it doesn't bother me a bit. In a profession where not everyone shares the same intensity for fashion as Ms. M and I, cardigans are the one common bond we all have. Whether for function or for style or for both, the cardigan is really part of the unofficial uniform.

This picture is of a gorgeous, open cardigan I spotted at the Gap this weekend. I'm totally coveting it until a sale hits :)


  1. well, you know i have to agree w/ everything you've said here! i love cardigans..you know it's bad when you buy 3 same color cardigans so you have a "reserve". I just broke out a "reserve" item from last year and..it's fabulous!

    OK...here are my two favorite recent purchases:
    the jcrew featherweight long cardi:

    and the Everyday cardigan (very much like the Gap open cardi... btw, i love open cardigans..my mom got me into these:

    hooray for caridgans! next to shoe & tees these items you can buy in hundreds and it would be OK!

  2. Oh my gosh ... I adore these 2 beauties. I think I am going to have to get them. And they are on sale too! Open cardigan are my new fave. I love the drape and clean simplicity. And I know what you mean about a reserve Ms. M...some may say it's overkill..I say it's just smart shopping.

    Oh, cardigans...I love you!