'I Am Love' - My review

After weeks of babbling anticipation, I finally had the chance to see the film I Am Love this weekend at the 360/365 Film Festival. After all the build up, I suspected there was really no way it could live up to the expectations I had built in my mind so while some of it was a touch disappointing, much of it was really quite exquisite and so very much what I hoped to see. And what I hoped to see was a beautifully shot film with great art direction and particular attention to wardrobe. On that front, I got exactly what I expected. The locations chosen for this film were nothing short of spectacular. The film opens during the midst of preparations for an extraordinary dinner party at the home of Tancredi and Emma Recchi (played masterfully by Tilda Swinton). Without getting too involved in a description of plot (because I definitely don't want to give anything away) this dinner party scene is quite long but I loved it. So much information is divulged on this affluent, elegant family. This opening scene is so authenticly upper class Italian that I can't believe it's not based, at least somewhat, on an actual family. The home of the Recchi's is, in a word, magnificent. The characters gathered at the table, ooze European sophistication. Again, there is just remarkable authenticity in every detail of the filmmaking...right down to that luxurious wardrobe. To me the wardrobe was every bit as much a character as the actors and actresses in the film. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the wardrobe (beyond each ensemble Tilda Swinton wore) was the placement of each piece. When you see it, watch for the shift in her wardrobe. The cold, pale colors when she is in Milan. The warm corals, when she visits Sanremo...and of course that powerful red dress, that she wears as she experiences Antonio's exquisite cooking. Never for a moment, does Emma's wardrobe not hint at what is to come...all the way to the startling end.

This movie is by no means perfect. For instance, I was NOT a fan of the score, which apparently many critics love. From what I understand, the plot was supposed to be a study in those melodramas of the 50's...to be frank, I am not sure that concept really worked. Still, the films is quite a treat, the art direction is second to none and the acting, top notch.

All in all, a film to pay attention to.

(Side note...so I searched and searched and even asked, and I could not find even one image of the movie poster. I'm so sorry Ms. M. I am going to search the traditional movie poster sources :)


  1. I love this review (very nice you didn't reveal too much!)and this alone makes up for the no poster....i bet this poster is a closely kept commodity!!! No one movie can be absolutely perfect, right? cannot wait to see this.

  2. Well, this is a MUST see for you Ms. M. I know you will really appreciate the beauty and intensity of the filmmaking. But obviously, if you see it for no other reason, see it for the wardrobe and the locations. They are 2nd and 3rd only to Tilda Swinton in the most profound elements of the film. I have to say, if I had to pick a film, of all the films I have seen, in which I could have a characters wardrobe, it would be Tilda's in this one. I could never do it justice...her cool, icy look just worked so well with this super sophisticated wardrobe...but it was so elegant, it might make just about anyone shine.