A definite pick-me-up

I hope you are feeling a bit better today Ms. M! If...well...not so much, check out this link I found on The Dieline. It is about the packaging design for the first patisserie in Mexico specializing in French macarons! Gorgeous! I would say they have definitely captured everything that is wonderful about these amazing treats in their campaign.


  1. This is so beautiful!! I wouldn't eat them, I would have them on display, look at that blue one, I love the way it looks next to the white, yummy and gorgeous! Awesome find!

  2. I know! How can you possibly eat these!?! That is always the problem with macarons...they are just too gorgeous to eat. Do you know I bought some at Wegmans and kept them so long (because I loved the way they looked) that they went totally stale...so stupid.

    These are just amazing!