The peonies are coming!

The peonies have arrived! (or at least that's what my local Whole Foods store told me)...I've been checking for my beloved blooms each week in April....only to be disappointed again & again....But I cannot wait to get my first bunches this weekend...and just in time for Mother's Day! I'm planning on showering my mom with bouquets throughout her home...Here's a great post (from 2009) from Design Sponge. Oh! and my peonies at home are well on their way too! I love love Spring (too bad it's so short lived!).


  1. How were the peonies this weekend? They are far and away, my favorite :)

  2. yay! they were at Whole Foods as expected and they did not disappoint. No single flower can give me the same amout of happiness that a peony can. they're just the absolute best! and i'm SO excite that my peonies at home are killer awesome this year! there are so many blooms on my two bushes! i cannot wait.... thanks for asking!