Celebrity homes

I don't know about you, but for me, one of the most disappointing things from a style perspective is seeing the homes of celebrities. I mean, for all that money they have, they barely ever seem to have the taste to match. When was the last time you saw the interior (or exterior, for that matter) of a celebrity home that didn't include massive gold candelabra or some other such hideousness? I think that was what stunned me about this spread in Elle Decor of Meg Ryan's sophisticated and ultra-chic beach house in Martha's Vineyard. It's positively gorgeous. (Try this link for more photos).


  1. Thank you Kate! You are so right, why do celebrities have now style whatsoever when it comes to their homes, they are usually so gaudy and gross in general. Meg Ryan's place looks spectacular! Finally!!

  2. Definitely check out the links to the other pics of her home Laura because I was drooling. I just want to move in and be her cleaning lady ...or whatever. Movie, tv and music stars are the worst when it comes to their homes...you said it, gaudy and ostentatious. This one, however, is a breath of fresh air!