mission accomplished!

I finally snatched a J.Crew sweater in a shade very similar to this image...It's called dahlia! I've been stalking this "color" for over a week now and I finally found it in my newest favorite cardigan, the featherweight cotton long cardigan. And the best part....well, I think I must have bought the last one (well, for now probably..since things always mysteriously "reappear")because it's now gone! I love it! As George would say, " I'm back baby, I'm back!".... I also got the cute camera necklace from Crewcuts so I'll let you know what it looks like when I receive it.

What inspired me to look at the cardigans today was after viewing one of Bill Cunningham's style videos from NYTimes (To button or not). Oh!...how I wish I still lived in NYC! I miss seeing all the fashionable eye candy!

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  1. DC just ain't NYC is it Ms. M? Believe me,I remember the difference :)

    Love the video, cardigan and color!