'New' favorite breakfast treat

I hate to say obvious things on Ooh La La Dujour...but don't you just love biscotti? It is my absolute 'new' favorite thing to have on Sunday morning with my coffee (hot or cold!) . It is that perfect combination of cruchy and sweet and there are about a zillion flavor combinations. It really just hits the spot. My favorite is the lemon chocolate chip vartiety at the Wegmans Pattiserie in Pittsford...but here is a pretty awesome and simple recipe you might like to try (especially if you love coconut :)


  1. oh i love biscottis... i always get these when i'm feeling a bit guilty about indulging in sweets...they're bit enough that they satiate but small enough i don't have to feel too too guilty. love this pic!

  2. Well, I am just rediscovering them...I'm kind of obsessed. You are right...they make me feel less guilty than say, a doughnut...but still, you can't eat them by the pound like I feel I am doing :)