guten tag, my lovely tag!

I received my vintage (!) Tag Heuer Formula 1 last night and I can't tell you how super excited I am about this watch! For years I wore my beloved RW watch that my parents gave me when I started my Ph.D program (ages ago!) and now I have another favorite! I've admired KP's version for so many years and how cool is it that I found my very own to treasure! I've never really owned anything vintage really...and I'm kind of curious about what life my Tag had before me....It hails all the way from merry ol' England! I'm hooked now because I can't seem to look away....and with my red emersonmade flower I feel I can conquer the world today!


  1. Now this is a great post! What a fabulous find! This is so great Ms. M. I am telling you...you will have your Tag for years. Mine is 16 and still going strong...and even better that it has a story behind it. Oh it only it could speak!

    And aren't the emersonmade flowers THE best. I am an addict. One day I have a feeling I am going to show up wearing all 6 at once!

    Fabulous shopping!

  2. oh! thank you, katie! i absolutely covet this watch...i've only had it for less than 24 hrs and i'm in love...i bought this one because it was from a jeweler and they really did a super job of making it look good as new....and it's navy/red (i think you said laura has this one right?)....anyway, i'm obsessed w/ the formula ones now. there are a few color combo varieties out there, did you know? i might have to get the black one because...well, you know....
    but for now i'm just going to keep loving my new found love!

  3. Laura would be the expert on her color combo. but as I recall it was Navy. Mine is all black and I do remember this one you have pictured. I had no idea they had become such treasures. I am so glad you found it and are loving it!

    It's funny because for years and years my Tag was the only watch I wore, then I think I mentioned before that recently my mom found a great deal on an RW...now that is what I've been wearing like crazy...so we kind of swapped. But you need a few watch for different things...the Tag is very sporty so wear it for those occasions...the RW is quite formal, as is another gorgeous watch I inherited from my mom. Watches are like bags..can never have too many :)

  4. yes, it's quite funny that we've swapped watches! and of course i remember your RW! it's gorgeous....and very true that you need a few diff watches for "different" occasions.

    there's a cute pink/black combo that i've seen and i'm kind of intrigued....

    i think this is my newest hobby now...finding vintage formula ones!

  5. I love this watch! I used to have one just like it that my dad bought for me in Bayside in Miami (remember Kate?) I completely destroyed it rock climbing, but I still wore it and it still worked! I miss it, such an awesome watch. :)

  6. Do I remember!? Of course I remember. In fact, one of the reason I bought mine in '94 was because I loved the one dad bought you so much. Am I right? Was yours navy colored. And I also remembered it kind of suffered along the way...but it kept on going!