shopping cures malaise

I probably shouldn't like the word "malaise" so much....but I like the way it sounds...and well, I was feeling it yesterday....so what did I do? I decided a little Rouge Coco by Chanel would hit the spot! And guess what? It really did! I found a mighty perfect red called lune rousse
& on the way out of Nordstrom I stumbled upon these lovely Steve Madden shoes in blush suede. I love the shoes & the color totally rocks--I usually don't go for such a pale shade but I figured it might look good with all the black clothing I have...and I'm officially calling the nude candy hearts earring from Forever 21 my summer earrings!

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  1. Well of course it does! And what fabulous purchases! How could anyone not be cheered up by these incredibly cool shoes and Chanel lipstick. And I am so with you on the candy heart earrings...I have been wearing a pair everyday!