i'm going to make your day...i've found the grail!

It's so FUNNY that you should write about the beloved Holy Grail List.....because I've been thinking about this for a good two weeks...and I'm here to share my newest find!....And I didn't want to jump the gun in reporting this..but I feel now is the time because I've "test driven" the product... OK. Are you ready? Because this is a big thing for me when it comes to bras: Bali Women's Double Support Spa Closure Wire Free Bra #3372.

It's not the prettiest bra, but it gets the job done. What do I want? Support, lift, no endless messing around w/ the straps (all day long!). Actually the straps thing is really important to me so this is a biggie. There is one small thing that bothers me...but it's kind of minor in the grand scheme of things. I would have wished the side support (the boning ) was a bit more sturdy...shall we say? Just a tad bit firmer....but this doesn't make a huge difference in the end.

I've had this bra for a good two weeks now and I found it by pure accident while I did an impromptu spree to my local outlet. I found it at the Bali/Hanes Outlet of all places...And it's only $15-$19 I think...Less than $20. Read the reviews from Amazon (although you have to take reviews w/ a grain of salt....) and buy it here if the outlet price is higher.

Now I should also say that bras are a highly subjective product and because no two bodies are ever created the same
(let's just say I'm in the "C" club)...well, you get the point....It might not work for some...but for me it's doing its job!


  1. let's hope i make your afternoon! :)

  2. I am utterly speechless Ms. M. Let me firs start with the coincidence of you having this holy grail experience at the very same time I have been having a bra-meltdown. So let me tell you caused me to write that last post...easy...my favorite bras are on their last leg and I need to get new ones. The ones I had were ok...but again...I was hoping on top of hope that something new and improved was out there.

    And low and behold...you bestow me with this information...and this may be the best information I have gotten in weeks!! I love that you gave it a couple weeks. That is perfect because it's just around the time that you stop being enamored with something news. I super love that this bra is not a million dollars (I was going to write, in my post that I was not willing to pay 'La Perla' prices...i.e. $500 for a bra..but then I realized that after a lifelong battle with this, I might be willing to pay anything!)

    Well, I don't need to tell you what I will be on the hunt for this afternoon. If I don't have any luck I am purchasing it online. I could not be more excited because my needs are exactly like yours and this one sounds like a real gem!

  3. i don't want to set the expectations too high....cause there's always that "letdown" when it's not what you built it up to be. but let's just say i really like this bra. at this point i am willing to spend big bucks because i'm so frustrated(after yrs of wasting money!) but seriously...i cannot believe this bra is wirefree... i wasn't even looking for it to be comfortable...i was willing to suffer for the lift/support i desperately wanted! well, definitely look to see if the outlets have a hanes/bali outlet.....i bet they do....don't all outlets have this store?

    let me know what you think!

  4. I am not worried at all about a let down...mostly because of the price we are dealing with. Even if, for some reason, it doesn't work out, I haven't invested a ton. But I have to say, based on what you have said about this bra and what I am seeing in the photo...well, this looks pretty fabulous!