Perfect fit

My shell collection/display is slowly but surely coming along (I think it will be a perpetual work in progress) and it's nice to know I don't have to head to the Keys in Florida for all my ocean related items. I found these adorable plates (perfect for display!) at Anthropologie this weekend. I really want them all.

And just in case you happen to be on a shell kick like me, quick note, Anthropologie has all sorts of shell-related items these days. So gorgeous!


  1. you know, i think i may have forgotten to comment about your shell collection from a previous post... I love this idea and I'm a huge fan of shell collections too!!! the last time our whole family went to sanibel in 07 we brought back buckets of shells and i put them in vases...looking back now, i really cherish these shells because my dad helped collect so many of them for me.

    absolutely love these plates...have you thought of starting a plate wall?

  2. With my 'plate' love you would think I would start a plate wall. I totally love them.

    I love your story about shell collecting with your dad...and I totally remember Sanibel from my shell collecting days. Maybe the best beach ever for shells. Shells are just marvels because they are so gorgeous ... so pure and simple.