almost a year old!

Can you believe it? Ooh la la...is almost a year old??? I simply cannot believe where the time has gone...let's do a countdown....shall we? June 11 here we come!!!.....How fitting it's on a Friday too! yay.....

(delectable cupcake is from Miette


  1. Oh my gosh...how FUNNY that you have been keeping track of our birth date too! I love it!

    (I have also been keeping an eye on the # of posts...1000 here we come!


  2. By the way, I think we should take look back at our favorite posts over the year on the June 11!

  3. seriously? 1000...soon? wow! that's kind of impressive, if i say so myself!

    great idea about "best of... posts"

    definitely should celebrate. :)
    any excuse to eat a cupcake!

  4. I love the idea of best of 1000, that will be really hard I think, all the posts are so great!
    I need a cupcake now!!