Sensible shoes :) - LCM

Believe it or not, when you work in a library, you spend a lot of time on your feet. This is especially true if you are doing public library duty (shelving, working at the circ. desk et al). Of course, being on your feet requires some comfortable, sensible but never style-free (of course) shoes. This isn't usually such a struggle for me in the fall and winter. Danskos, loafers, knee and ankle high boot can all be found in comfortable yet stylish varieties. For some reason,I really struggle with this in the summer when my shoe of choice is sandals. Much as I love Chacos, Keens and Birkenstocks, they always seem a bit too casual for work...on the other hand, many of the other styles are just not comfortable. But I think I finally found a happy medium in these Cole Haan Air Jordana Ankle Strap sandals. With the strappy, metallic, upper and the Nike technology cushioning, I've found 'style meets comfort' foot heaven!


  1. Oh My God Kate!! I'm going to go broke if I keep looking at this blog!! These are amazing, I need them today!! I love their entire look, and their cushiony too? awesome find!!

  2. I know Laura...having this blog is going to make me go to the poor house. There is just so much awesome stuff out there. Ms. M and I try to post fabulous, inexpensive stuff too just to help out :)

    As for these sandal...well, I am in love with them. I love metallic in the summer (it some in pink and blue metallic too!) but these have Nike air cushioning. They are Cole Haan so they aren't cheap but they are worth every single penny!