Who said parents aren't cool?

I am rediscovering some fairly awesome pictures on my family (via slides my sister scanned in) and I'm in awe of how cool my parents are. Check out my mom in a fabulous red dress (that she made!) and my dad at the Acropolis in Athens. I should ever be so cool!


  1. oh! I absolutely LOVE LOVE these photos...who took that shot of your mom??? it's such a great photo...and that red dress is killer cool!!! and how cute is your dad???? oh, i'm in love w/ them!!! this reminds me of my very favorite shot of my mom while she's waiting to be whisked away on her honeymoon....and my dad is in the background. i'll have to put this up now! you've inspired me!

  2. also, i'm so curious to know what your mom was thinking. she has a certain look about her. she looks very thoughtful.

  3. I am so glad you like the photos Ms. M!! A few years back Laura scanned a whole bunch of slides from back in the day. I was looking through them this weekend (trying to find one to make into a card for Mother's day :) when it just hit me (ala the website 'Parents are cool') that you know...they really are cool! So my dad took the pic. of my mom. He has really taken some good one of her. I would love to know what is on her mind too. She's my mom but like all mom's she a real enigma.

    PLEASE post pics of your parents! Just you descrip of that photo has me waiting with anticipation!