Seriously...it is a magazine lover's best friend :)

I can't believe it's taken me this long to post about a tip a dear friend (shout out to you J.p!!) gave me months ago. Maghound is an online service that allows you to bundle the magazines you would like to receive at your home for one, flat, monthly fee. For instance...I chose 3 magazines (that I would normally buy at the newsstand anyway) from their selection (in case you are interested, mine right now are Everyday Food, Dwell and Lucky). Every month $4.95 is deducted from account (frankly, I pay more in a week for coffee ... and I buy the cheap stuff from my neighborhood FastTrac on the way to work) which is pretty much nothing when you consider that 1 issue of just 1 of these mags. costs that!! They have different levels of subscription (ex. 5 mags. is $ 7.95/month etc.) so you can add on more titles that you enjoy. The other thing I love is you can change the mags. you recieve at any time AND if some of your mags. have off months, Maghound allows you to have back-up titles that you will receive while your priority choices are in hiatus.

This is a service I have been waiting for all my life! I've gone from spending around 20-25 bucks a months to 5. Love it!


  1. OK.This is brilliant! what a fantastic idea....i've actually been pretty good lately about not buying mags off the newstand but i used to do this all the time..esp w/ mags like In Style... Anyway, this is going to make me re-think about some new mags I've found but haven't yet committed to subscribing....

    thanks a bunch for this tip!

  2. I am telling you Ms. M...its the greatest. I used to get NY Mag. but I have to admit I just can't keep up with a weekly mag. these days...so I just switched so I can get Lucky. I love that you don't have to wait out a subscription. And they really do have a great selection. I love it!