The First Lady of France

I have to tell you ... I cannot get enough of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Today, when I got to work I noticed that (our) lastest edition of Paris Match had been updated and that she in on the cover (yet again!) of the May 12, 2010 issue. This issue is loaded with pics of her recent trip (with her husband) to China. It must be the model in her that makes her so impressive and stylish and so...perfectly put together.

Check out the picture show here. She's really so smashing.


  1. you know, i really like her too...she's quite the eye candy..and i must admit i also have a thing for mr. sarkozy....how can such a short man have such charisma??? i just think they're kind of fascinating....i really hope the rumors are not true and they're staying together!

  2. Oh man I know...me too. I obviously don't read French but if you kind of know a word here and there...well Paris Match has been speculating for a while.

    I like Sarkozy too! I like his politics and I like him. I think having Carla on his arm surely helps his charisma :)