Congratulations...and Lilacs!

I am SO happy it is finally Friday. Man, this has been a long week. I have been in a major funk all week and I am positive it was because of the lousy weather up here. I mean really...rain and 50's M-F is just not ok...not for mid-May. But things seem to be perking up weather-wise and just in time for the weekend! There is so much going on including graduation at the U of Rochester (I can't believe...for the first time in like 5 years they are predicting nice weather!! I already miss my senior students...Kristie, Shirley, Aleksy, Nate and Kathryn!!) and the start of the annual Lilac Festival. I'm getting my haircut, picking up a new dehumidifier (exciting ;) and a new cable box so I can start getting DVR...so excited for that!

OK, maybe you didin't need to know all that...but I certainly do hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...whatever your plans may be.

XOXO Katie P

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  1. Have a great weekend! I am sending you warm sunny weather from Key Largo:)
    I love this picture!!