is this yours?

Oh gosh! Is this it?( I think it's a Formula 1 watch, am I correct? They have men's version, but the women's version is hard to find...) I'm obsessed.


  1. Oh my gosh...this is basically it!!! The only difference is that mine has a black face..but I remember this one too! Do you know Laura had one too! But it had a navy blue chrono dial.!

    But I am thinking Formula 1 is it!

  2. By the way, is that the cost?!?! That seems ... well, wow! I paid $240 for mine ... of course that was almost 16 years ago.

  3. So I ran home and checked my Tag and don't you know, there was basically no information on the back. However, this IS the watch Ms. M.

    Keep me posted on your hunt!

  4. do you know i am super duper obsessed with this watch?? i have a few leads on this watch and i'll keep you posted on whether it pans out or not! (please keep your fingers crossed!!!)....just think we can be twins--yet again!
    thanks for checking on the info for me!

  5. Thats a sweet watch.

    My buddy purchase his breitling from amazon and had no complaints. He even had the local breitling dealer service it under warranty with no problems.

    There is a certain someone I'd like to buy this tag for as a gift:

    Don't tell her.

  6. Oooooh...nice! Thanks for the info Joe! My dad bought Laura this Tag Formula 1 at Bayside in Miami in like '91. I became obsessed with it and had to have one so I bought one a few years later. As you can see, Kelly is now dying for one. Tag are so great!