Beaded bracelet love

A year or so ago, Laura gave me an adorable beaded bracelet with a little heart shaped pendant for my birthday. I wore it all summer long...barely even took it off (I am convinced it brought me luck...but I digress). Ever since then, well, she created a monster because I have been hounding beaded bracelets. I love to wear them on the same wrist that I wear my watch. They can be so so pretty. A colleague from work (who recently returned from a trip to Taiwan) brought me a bracelet with gorgeous 'crystal-ish' beads that I am kind of over-the-moon for these days. And I really love this one with the little clam shell. Another summer must have!


  1. adorable! love the color... love beaded jewelry as well...

  2. I just can't get enough of these. They really had me when they designers started adding those little charms.

  3. The charm makes just makes it. I love the seashell!