Eggplant is the new black :)

Every once in a while, I get stuck on a color. I am not talking about black, gray, camel or navy...which I am perpetually in love with...I am talking about an actual color...that I can't get enough of, and these days, that color is 'eggplant'. Ever since the fall, I have sort of unconsciously and inadvertently been mega-attracted to this color and buying it with every chance I get. Now that I have actually noticed the preponderance of it in my purchases over the past several months, I'm trying to figure out what is drawing me in. Well, to be sure it's a gorgeous shade, but then I read this bit in Real Simple about it's versatility and resemblance to the classics (black et al) and I think I get it...bottom line...it's very flattering.

So I guess I am not veering to far with my obsession with 'eggplant'. I think it might be here to stay :)


  1. this is super duper interesting and so relevant to me right now... i haven't bought anything in eggplant but i have been attracted to purple-ish colors as of late.... my mom bought me some great amethyst(sp?) jewelry while in Korea and custom made a cabachon ring for me..and it's probably the biggest piece of jewelry I own and i only say this because I usually like very inconspicuous pieces...anyway, i'm just way more attracted to this color group more than ever. Usually I think of Barney when I think of purple but I'm changing my tune now...AND esp since you've just endorsed it...well, now it's all good!

    PS: i do like the lilac-y color from some jcrew pieces but other than that i haven't thought of anything in this color group since the 5th grade.

    Thanks for legitimizing this color!!! yay!

  2. Funny you mention Barney...my purple reference point is Prince's 'Purple Rain' phase. My mother went through a big purple phase in the late 70's...I haven't even paid attention to until recently and now I can't seem to get enough. Really it all started with the awesome Keen's I bought last summer...then I got this fleece/vest set from LLBean in November and now there is just no stopping me. When I see the shade, I reach for it...where I always used to reach for black.

    Oh and I have to tell you...it doens't stop at eggplant...I totally adore lilac and all the shades in that purple family.

    By the way, your new jewelry pieces sound beautiful!

  3. oh! this is great.. you KNOW i'll be paying more attention to this color group now because of you, my dear!

    thanks for the reassurance on my ring! i still feel self conscious when i wear it out but i love it so much-- it's kind of how i felt when i first started carrying my LV Cabas....I felt weird..like i was showing off but then it wore off eventually. I really wish i didn't think SO much about everything..
    i'd love to be clueless!