a french phenom......Le Relais de l'Entrecote

The waitress at L'Entrecote asks you only two questions..."Rare or medium?"
That's it. This restaurant in Paris is a hit among Parisians and tourists....It totally makes the grade in my book because even cynical Parisians seem to flock to this cult steakhouse.

They only serve one item on the menu: Steak & frites. That's it. There is the first course, which basically consists of simple walnut & greens salad w. a tangy mustardy vinegrette. Then the main attraction arrives..... The real star is the secret sauce....buttery, garlicy, herb-infused. I've read of people wanting to replicate this sauce, but I can't imagine how you can do it (unless you happen to have worked there in another life time!). Just when you think you're perfectly satiated...you're offered a second portion. I don't think anyone's ever refused the second portion. What's genius about the meal is that it's perfectly portioned. You're never left feeling stuffed or hungry---it's just right!

The two pics we took above probably don't do the actual taste justice.....It's that good. The last time we were in Paris we went to two different locations twice---We loved this place that much!

This time around, we paid homage to a favorite place and it was like coming home. Just picture the most beautiful day...72 degrees, sunny, sitting outdoors & watching passersby as they walk around a side street of St. Germain during lunchtime. At that moment I knew I was very fortunate to be right where I was.... This is exactly why I love love to travel.

(I found the top pic online and it basically shows the crowd that develops around 6:30pm, which is really quite interesting because Parisians don't even think of having dinner until a few hours later!)

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  1. I've always heard so much about this place, that it is so awesome to get a first person, 1 degree of separation account!! What a unique restaurant...dare I say, so so French!