Madewell...now I get it!

So, I have a big admission to make...I've been a little bit skeptical about Madewell. I've certainly been impressed by what seems to be the high quality of their pieces but when I peruse the items, I just haven't been able to figure out what was so unique or beautiful about their merchandise...until now. These are just 3 of the items that are going on my fall wish list. I am completely in love with the Midnight Blazer and the Brownstone, suede minibag is the must have bag of the fall for me. And how could I, Katiep, ever doubt anyone who carries infite numbers of stippy shirts, including this red-stripped, St. James version. Now granted, I have not been into a Madwell store and I do think that would have cured my lack of enthusiasm a lot earlier...so I hope you can forigve me. That said, it's all moot now because, Madewell, I am officially a fan :)

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  1. i'm so glad you like them now! i think the brick/mortar store would have helped you along in the "like" dept!...but hey! online is just as good. it's a very fun store....