I hate to keep going on...

But there is a really great ranking on Fashionista of the top fashion September issues. So interesting...and really no surprise. Vogue's boring Halle Berry cover ranks very low on the list as does Elle's no-risk Julia Roberts. Just as an aside, I am totally boycotting American Elle this year. It's never been a fave anyway, but any mag. that puts Kim Kardashian in a spread needs to have it's head examined.

(Even though I'm not nuts about the outfit on UK Elle, I love love Emily Blunt!)


  1. I was so pissed when I went to buy the Vogue September issue and there was Halle Barry on the cover, so boring!!!! When will they go back to the models, so bored with the rotation of boring actresses.

  2. Amen Laura!! Nothing against Halle Berry but what on earth...talk about a safe, boring choice. Check out the link I posted because it's pretty interesting. All the American mags are at the bottom. Oh and by the way, why did they feel the need to put Halle Berry in a wig. Geez...one of her best features is her awesome cropped hair. God forbid someone with short hair should be on the cover :)

  3. That is what confused me the most, why the wig? Her hair is gorgeous and it was a weird wig too, I was just scratching my head, can't figure out why they make such a big deal about the September cover and its just boring. I'm going to check out that link, I like the Uk cover although I agree not so crazy about the clothes she's wearing but at least its a little daring.

  4. Have you have a chance to go through the Halle Berry issue yet? I went through it last night and it's pretty bad inside too. I know what you mean...the Sept. issue is supposed to be so great and it is usually a huge let down. Jan and June are actually usually awesome. They aren't big but they are loaded.

    Ugh... and that wig. Why?