Late Summer Weekend :)

Where will this late summer weekend take you? I kind of wish I might be somewhere near this beautiful waterfall...but alas, I have a weekend of cleaning and working around the house planned. Oh well...
Photo by Joe (of course)

On Saturday evening, Chris and I do plan to see this interesting and intense film at the Dryden Theater. Dogtooth is a black comedy made and produced in Greece. It received honors at the Cannes film festival and has gotten some really terrific reviews for the quality of the filmmaking. It sounds a little disturbing but I simply cannot resist the rare film from the Greek film industry.

Happy weekend to everyone!

Update: Chris and I saw Dogtooth over the weekend and unfortunately, the only good thing about it turned out to be this poster. This movie is pretty dreadful. Redundant, slow and just generally poorly executed, it was a pretty huge disappointment...and one more reason Greece has little to no film industry :(


  1. i love this poster! gorgeous....!

  2. The poster is amazing ... isn't it. And you know how that is...usually when there is a gorgeous poster, there is a beautifully made film right behind it.

    I'll let you know the scoop Mon.