Oh My Goodness.....Beer in Brussels

Here are a few pictures from our time spent in Brussels....These are pics of the
Grand Place.....The central square is simply marvelous and awe inspiring.....Another awe inspiring revelation is the variety of Belgian beer you can find around town...
Now, I am not a huge beer drinker, but I think I may have become one now because I fell in love w. Kriek & Leffe Blonde. Who doesn't love the taste of sour cherries in their beer? Since returning home, I've ventured into other varieties including Lindemans Peche Lambic, which is highly yummy! I could drink this stuff all day...The Belgians do make some of the best chocolates, pomme frites, and waffles....We basically ate all of the above & visited the Magritte Museum in our 12 hour adventure to Brussels!


  1. Love this travel/beer report!! Great recount of your trip and super love all the beer pics and reviews. I am not a beer drinker either but I have to admit...like my dad always said, a really good beer and food is an unbeatable combo. Have you been able to find any of these fantastic varieties in the states.

    Chris has gotten me hooked on Weissbier. Occasionally...very occasionally we got to this local bar (and the only I will ever go to because its fanatasic) called 'Tap and Mallet' and have a Weissbier. You can't do it too often because...well it is served a HUGE glass. But you never have trouble finishing because it's just delicious!

    Who know we'd become beer lovers KJ!!

  2. yes! you can find the lindemans peach, raspberry and kriek(cherry) at wegmans...they come in the big bottle (which we easily took care of in half an hour!) and a smaller bottle... they have leffe blonde there too. it is such a nice smooth beer...

    so cool that you have your go-to beer as well!

    there's this hard cider i found in london but i can't recall the name of it and will only know it if i find the actual bottle! so annoying...but it was the best cider beer ever!

    yes...who knew we'd be beer buddies!