ReNu 2010 - Mundane out, Fresh & fab in

Putting my contacts in is NOT a highlight of my morning. You'd think, after almost 20 years of wearing these things, I'd have it down to a science but it's always still an adventure. Recently however, B&L repackaged their multi-purpose solution, ReNu and I have to tell you, I just love the upgrade!! Look at the difference!! From all medicinal and practically design-free on the left, to sleek, transparent (duh! what took you so long to figure this out!) stylishness, these new bottles seriously make me smile!

Packaging is always an forever a real mix of commerce AND art.


  1. i dont use this brand but i love the new re-design...very cool bottle. makes me want to buy it!

  2. Well, I have to admit, I just use the Target stuff (which is fine by the ways) but on my last trip, when I only took carry on to Key Largo, I had to buy all these little 3 ounce liquids to take on the plane and that's when I discovered they had changed the packaging. Then the other day, I noticed a big bottle in the medicine cabinet at home (Chris uses it) and I am telling you...what an improvement. My brand looks so boring next to it!

  3. yes, it's quite sad we have to pay SO much for saline! i've been using a name brand for a few years (after a few yrs of the generic stuff) because the eye doctors all used to frown when i told them i used the generic.....so i cough up the dough...even though it kills me. but hey! if the packaging was so nice, maybe i wouldn't mind it so much. marketers should take note!