cozy sneakers....perfect for fall

OK....who else saw these Tretorn Wool Flannel Sneakers and swooned?
I love the color and the satin laces are just killing me! I promised myself
I wouldn't buy any J.Crew items this month so I'm just going to eye this one for now....Perhaps in Sept? Can't you just picture yourself slipping into these as the weather starts to chill a little and the leave start to fall??? Yikes...how many more weeks until Sept. rolls around? :)


  1. These are just to fab! I however have a put a serious ban on any more sneakers. I have Jack Purcells, Simple, Superga, Pumas...and on and on. Much as I love these...I'll have to go without them.

  2. i can totally understand....i too have a foot looker store in my home! but these are just too darn cute. like i said, i'm holding out until sept/oct...maybe they'll be on sale by then

  3. Sale!! Oh my gosh...yes...that, I can totally justify!