The Victoria & Albert museum is a gem. The Brits really know how to create the best museums...There's something very special about each and every one of them (not that I've visited all of them....because there are so many!). The V&A's attention to detail is phenomenal. The cafe actually serves very very food. Can you believe that? I should have taken pics of the foods area because you'd be shocked at how beautiful everything looked. I guess I was too busy eating all the yummy desserts & entrees. How many museum restaurants can you say that about???
Above, you'll see some pics I took of the courtyard garden in the middle of the museum and with the beautiful summer sunshine you'd think you'd gone to heaven....There's a small wading pool in the middle for the kiddies and all around there's lovely seating & cushy patches of grass where you can linger on for the rest of the afternoon....If that's not good enough for you, there's the gelato and various coffee drinks to help while away the afternoon. I'm telling you, this museum is perfect!

Let me go on....because there's also one of the best museum gift shops. They have all kinds of cool crafts, jewelry, postcards, and a gazillion other wonderful finds and I swear I could have spent a whole day in that shop.

And lastly there are the collections that make up the museum....It's like the Met in that it will probably take you a good year to go through each and every room & view all the collection pieces and there is an eclectic mix of beauties to view---paintings, costumes, jewelry, etc.....

I was most excited to see a special exhibit on Grace Kelly's wardrobe and it did not disappoint. Although compact, there were just the right number of fabulous gowns, purses, and personal effects of Ms. Kelly and I was thrilled to see all the details of each and every piece. A special treat was viewing her Hermes Kelly bag, which I discreetly took a photo of.

All in all, I give this fabby museum a huge thumbs up! Cheerio!

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