I love presents!

I don't know why I always feel compelled to do posts every time someone gives me a gift but ... darn it, sometimes I just get the cutest gifts from the awesome folks I know. A couple nights ago, I had dinner with my cool friend Kim and she gave me a little (belated) birthday gift. I had never even seen Apivita Propoline Lip Aid and it's fabulous. With just the slightest hint of color and made with olive oil, your lips will love it ... and it's another great product made in Greece!! Of course the adorable coin purse (made out of 95% recyclables) speaks for itself. Seriously, a raccoon (aka bandit) who loves money. Pure kitsch!

1 comment:

  1. love the coin purse. very cute indeed..
    and apivita.. oh my gosh! i bought this balm years ago..and i'm sure i got it when i was in greece during our honeymoon.... i remember liking it alot and the tint was really nice. i can't believe i forgot about it...

    very nice gifts!