And ode to Joe...because he's awesome (and it's his birthday!)

This is my brother-in-law Joe. Hi Joe! He is the best, not just because he's super-smart, kind, athletic and hilarious but because he has so many interests.

This is one of his bikes. Joe LOVES biking and he's a damn good at it. Check out his blog to get all the latest info. on equipment et al.

Joe also loves photography. If you follow this blog regularly, then you've already seen tons of his photos because I use them all the time. This is one of his pics. Isn't it amazing! See more of his incredible work at this link.

Joe also loves science fiction...especially Isaac Asimov. He's a computer whiz, you see.

I could go on...there is so much more to say but you get the idea. He is one cool kid!

Happy Birthday Joe!


  1. Thanks Katie! You are too nice !

    I'm trying to get Laura to read this scifi series "Vatta's War" by Elizabeth Moon. I almost had her when I told her it was about A bunch of Greek shippers, but in space...


  2. Best post ever! Happy Birthday JT!!