Blast from the past for KJ (and an ode to improvements :)

The University of Rochester isn't a whole lot different than other schools across the country, really. The students (and employees) here have the same complaints as many (most of them centering around food). Well, this summer maybe one was alleviated a little. This week, 3 months of improvements and renovations were completed at Wilson Commons (the student union) and here are the final results.

Above is 'the Pit' before (remember how grody it was KJ?)...

...and here is 'the Commons' (renamed) after !

They even added a 'Panda Express' :)
OK, I am probably still going to brown-bag it, but it's nice to know it's there!


  1. Holy cow! This looks beautiful and panda express too lucky students. Isn't the union designed my I.M. Pei?

  2. Why yes it is Laura!! When you come up we will have to have a lunch there...it's really does look nice ... and who doesn't love Panda Express!?

  3. Oh I love Panda express, I have to check out the new cafe area, it looks so beautiful!!

  4. I am taking you there for sure!!

  5. oh man, this really takes me back!!! and i love the renovations! very very nice....