Sunday dinner - My version of 'fusion'

OK so this isn't literally 'fusion' cuisine but it is 2 favorite dishes from 2 glorious food cultures, in 1 meal. By the time Sunday evening rolls around I am usually not into cooking at all...especially during the summer. No need however...start with some delicious pre-packaged sushi from your local market (we get a pack each of Wegmans asparagus and spicy salmon varieties) and pair it with a delicious Greek horiatiki salata and loaf of crusty bread (Wegmans Italian is my fave). Oh my gosh...so yummy! Such a light, healthy meal to bring a summery weekend to an end.

Here's my own recipe for the salad. They vary from person to person, town to town, region to region, in Greece. You can always add or subtract whatever you like and use as much of each ingredient as you desire :)

Horiatiki Salata (for 2 :)

3-4 tomatoes
1 cucumber (whatever variety you like)
Green onions
1 red or green pepper
Olives (Kalamata preferred :)
Feta cheese
Oregano, salt, pepper to taste
Extra-virgin olive oil (enough to coat and give a nice 'zoumi', or Greek sauce, for dipping your bread into - delicious)

Cut everything up. Add feta, oil and seasonings. Mix well.

Kali oreksi!
(not sure how to say 'bon apetit' in Japanese:)


  1. i love this meal, esp because i used to think i was the only one who'd combine sushi w/ a baguette!!!! this is great...and thanks for the recipe...!

  2. Oh my gosh KJ, I might have to call Chris right now and tell him that you also love sushi with a baguette! That is like his favorite combo and people always give him a hard time for it. I have to tell you, we have this pretty much every Sunday and it just hits the spot. I guess because it's 2 of my favorite things...but who would have thought that they would work together :)

  3. seriously, i used to think (before you mentioned all this) that we were pretty unsophisticated for combining the two together! this is too funny.... i mean, i wouldn't necessarily order the two if i were at a restaurant ...but when it's a home meal i feel like it's a kind of buffet of sorts! i thought i was strange for having sushi w/ feta! funny!