Bourdain in Rome

I hadn't seen an episode of Bourdain's in a long while when I happened to catch the most recent episode, which is set in Rome.

I absolutely loved it! This is the Bourdain I fell in love with many years ago (the 1st episode I saw happened to be set in Paris). That particular episode was fantastic because I could tell he really loved the city...and that's exactly how he comes across in the Rome episode. There's a genuine respect and love for the city and culture and it really comes through in all the scenes. The Italian dishes (esp the pastas) are the real stars of this episode and all of them looked amazing. I feel I gained 20 pounds by just ogling them on the telly. Of course this fuels my love of all things Italy at the moment and how I am just counting the days til I can plan a trip......

Catch it if you can......

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  1. Oh Anthony Bourdain...such a love/hate relationship I have with him. Well actually that's not true...I don't hate him at all. He's just so abrasive but in a way that I totally respect. And I guess part of that is I respect him so much...checkered past and all. Do you know, the first episode of his that I was was the show on Paris. I loved it so much I bought it on iTunes and it's still on my iPod. I will definitely try to catch this episode.