that time of year....

The September issue. Wonder how thick Vogue is going to be....One of the many things to look forward to during the start of Fall.

Here is lovely Kate M. on the Sept. issue of British Vogue. I must have missed this issue by just days because Aug. issues of all the fashion mags were still out. Remember my rule about picking up a Vogue wherever I'm traveling? Well, I came home w. a stack of magazines, including Brit Vogue & Elle. I'm still waiting for American fashion editors to wise up & start creating better issues.... A girl can dream!

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  1. The ONLY thing I like about Sept (because it is decidedly not my favorite month) are the Sept issues of mags. It's really the only month that I go to town and I buy them all. So exciting.

    Oh speaking of which..."The September Issue" debuts on the small screen (AMC) on Sept. 25. Setting up the DVR from now (well, if I could :)